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Aug. 16th, 2012 11:34 pm
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I want a t-shirt I can wear to dances that will make people more comfortable asking me to dance, and at the same time less willing to think of me as a potential date. Really. I go to dances to dance. I understand that other people go for other reasons, but I go for the dance.

I am willing to dance with anyone at least once. And anyone who has any idea what they are doing quite a bit more than that. But my ability to actually ask people to dance runs to maybe 5 people a dance, plus an additional 10 or 20 people a month (depending on how much additional social interaction is required of me in the rest of my life). Which is great if I just go to one dance in a month, but if I go more often, I run out of the ability to put myself out there after the first hour or so.

And. I am never sure about asking people to dance. Like. Eye contact is hard. And if I actually do go ask someone, the polite thing to do is to say yes, which is great, in that it means I get to dance, but then I feel bad that I have "made" this person who probably didn't want to dance with me, dance with me. And I am probably over thinking this. Why is social interaction. *frowns*
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