Dec. 5th, 2009 10:05 pm
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Do I spend $120 to apply to the 3 year nursing school at the hospital where I have no idea if I have any chance at all to get in (but would get a BSN directly) as well as $40 to apply to the 2 year program at the community college that would then let me transfer to the hospital to do the third year and get the BSN, and where I know that the acceptance rate is only 8%?

I'm thinking yes. $120 seems like a lot to spend on an application when I don't even know what the acceptance rate is, but ... when I am spending the $40 and I know that the rate is only 8% I guess I just need to trust in my grades and my willingness to loose some money and time and apply again next year? Yes? That stupid 8% is hanging over my head and taunting me. And instead of studying for the Anatomy and Physiology test that could actually make a difference to my prerequisite grades, and therefore my acceptance, I am looking at the application deadlines and freaking out about whether I think I can get into a Fall 2010 nursing program. I had pretty much convinced myself that 8% meant it was unlikely and I should be thinking about 2011, but the new migraine meds seem to be working, I am doing much better with the CFS flair up I was complaining about a month ago, and I am feeling a bit more optimistic. I don't know. /whines.
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