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[ profile] stele3 posted a few days ago about some guys I have never heard of before being unaware of their privilege in a way that is misguided and disgraceful, but also very common. I see it blatantly each week in my community college writing class, and in some form in many other places as well. It got me thinking.

Just because *you*, one specific white guy, don't have an easy time of it--does not mean that you, white guys as a group of people, don't get a better shake than most other groups, taken as a whole. You may not like that *you* (one specific person again) find it difficult to do well, but you are competing with all the other privileged white dudes, and privileged rich kids who got to go to the best schools, and people with various other types of privilege, including (perhaps, as I'm not actually researching this right now) people who have "programs and incentives" set up to compensate for the fact that they are not white dudes.

Ummm. The point I was trying to make here, mostly to clarify it for myself, is that it is entirely possible to be part of a privileged group, and to have privilege yourself, but to still have less privilege than someone else in the group, and to need to work hard to get something or somewhere. Without that meaning that racism or sexism is no longer a problem, because life is also hard for some white guys. *single crystalline tear*

(If I have said something offensive here, and you feel compelled to comment about it, please tell me so I can avoid doing it again, instead of bothering someone else.)


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