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I don't get out that much, and of the four concerts I expect to see this year, two will have been with the Oregon Symphony, so I don't have a huge basis for comparison. That being said, Ian Anderson has remarkable energy and stage presence for a guy in his 60s.

The tickets were a birthday present and already paid for months ago, or I wouldn't have gone with the way I have been feeling, but I had a lot of fun. I really do love Jethro Tull.

The symphony did a good job acting as backup, as they always seem to. It was really fun to see the orchestration of some of the more complex songs like "Thick as a Brick" and "Bourée" done live, and there was a flute duet, "Griminelli's lament," that I had never heard before and may need to go buy. I enjoyed to first half better than the second, but can't really decide if it was my personal song preference, the way my head was feeling, or something else. The encore was "Locomotive Breath," which was fun. I've been trying to remember what else was played, but other than "Aqualung," whatever that Christmas song is that brings tidings of comfort and joy, a song called "Change of Horses" with a guest viola player and (I think) "Life's a Long Song," I can't remember. I know I'm forgetting things.

The overall takeaway though, for me, was that Ian Anderson has more energy in his little toe than I do in my entire body, and more stage presence than anyone playing the flute has any right to. Brilliant show, and I had a wonderful time.

Even if the headache that was starting to get better seems to be worse again. /whine


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